The Hunger Games Review

A review of "The Next Big Thing", The Hunger Games. I go in-depth and the result is a bit spoilery, so beware if you haven't seen the film.

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Short update

Re-writing has started on Bed & Breakfast (which desperately needs a new title).

I have a few ideas I'm working on till ScriptFrenzy. Feeling pretty ready to commence writing on a few of them, so that's good.


More updates are coming... soon.


Script Frenzy and other writings

As April gets closer, I'm preparing for a mad month of screenwriting. There's also some updates on my other writing.

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Hey there! Long time no see.

Right. So, I've been a bad blogger lately. Since September, actually. That's bad. Really bad. But I'm getting back in the game with this update, and hopefully be more consistent in posting over the next few weeks (especially with ScriptFrenzy coming up again, and this time I am DETERMINED to finish).

Broken Promises
One of the last blogposts I had promised you a few things. Things that I didn't deliver. I would like to apologize for those broken promises, along with bringing forth a slate of new promises. The "Movies of H.P. Lovecraft"-posts will continue, but not before I watch something Lovecraftian. "The Unnamable"-movies were pretty fun, and "The Last Lovecraft: Relic of Cthulhu" was the same. "Noroi: The Curse" was creepy, but a bit too silly. "Cool Air" was a fun little flick, made as a 1930's talkie. "The Haunted Palace" was pretty dull, and... well, yeah. That's basically it. 

The "chronology in minigames"-post will still be written, I just don't know when. The situation's pretty much the same with Clouds of Gray - I have a few story-ideas, but I'm still considering which I'll write first. 

Since last time
Quite a lot has happened since last time I checked in here - personal and writing-wise. First off, I finished my first feature-length screenplay! Yes, you read that right - the first draft of "Bed & Breakfast" is FINISHED!

I've already read through it, and written some notes, so I'll be starting the second draft soon, before going on to other things - namely the rest of "The Lucky Ones". I'm back to the drawing board on that one now, and I'm determined to finish it before the year is done.

Going Forward
There'll be more blogposts - I can guarantee that. Updates on my writing, my problems, television and movies I watch, ideas I have and stories - "The Lucky Ones", for example, will continue (and end) before 2013. And something new will begin. (Hopefully)


I haz a Tumblr.

Not much more to say than that.


Click the image, visit my Tumblr! Just started it, so it's fairly empty as of now. 



When the Stars are Right

This short-story was written to be a Wham Episode of a major, ongoing storyline, thus containing a lot of noodle incidents and weird things that seem to come out of left field because you haven't been witnessing the set-ups. This was me practicing my writing. I hope you enjoy it.

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Coming up...

I have a lot of fun stories and blogpost coming up - the first one coming tomorrow. It's a short-story. I'm... not going to say more about it right now. But check back tomorrow!

On Friday, I return to my "The Movies of H.P. Lovecraft"-series. You'll learn my opinions on the recent slate of films, including "The Unnameable" and "The Last Lovecraft: Relic of Cthulhu".

In the forthcoming weeks I'll look into the chronology of some stand-alone mini-games featuring the same main character. Hopefully, I'll be able to shine a light on the bigger picture (and story) that is only hinted at so far in the games. We'll see.

And, in not too long, there'll be a new Clouds of Grey-story. Probably. Hopefully.

So really, there's no reason not to stick around for the next few days and weeks. And please, comment. I treasure every one of them, good or bad. 


Be seeing you.


The Movies of H.P. Lovecraft - Day 1 and 2

The Lovecraft-watch kicketh off! Read on for more information, and my thoughts on the first five movies.

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what the fuck is going on

My life right now is weird. Mood whiplash, a whole lot of stuff I should do, the fact that I'm going back to school soon, tv-catch-up, friends who aren't home... Right now, I wish I lived alone, in a shitty apartment, and were out of a job but had enough money to manage. That way I could do whatever the fuck I wanted to, including not going to school, but stay at home and finish the script I'm writing. I'm a little past the 50% mark, but I've taken a slight break recently. There's been a lot of cool people to come home to, stuff to do, television to watch... You know how it is.

But there's more. Stuff I wish I could do. Dreams I'm having. Things I think about. I don't know what's wrong with me. In fact, I don't know if there is anything wrong with me. I just need someone to be with. To talk to. I just need to be alone.

I just need to eat.


The Dark Knight vs. Inception

In which I try and decide which of two excellent summer blockbuster movies is best.

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