2012's TV: Top 20

Exactly what it says on the tin; my 20 favorite shows of 2012.

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2012's TV: Bottom 10

I present my list of the most disappointing and annoying shows of 2012.

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Dexter and the "Home Stretch"

As Dexter enters its "home stretch", I have a few ideas on how the mess of the last two seasons could've been handled better, leading up to season 7. SPOILERS for Dexter, up until S7E2.

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Vince Gilligan and Steven Moffat; Two Sides of the Same (yet very different) Coin

WARNING! This post contains spoilers for all of Breaking Bad and Doctor Who, up to their latest seasons.

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How "Ripples Across Time & Space" Was Written

Interested in how I wrote my first webseries, "Ripples Across Time & Space"? Want to read the first draft of the first couple of episodes? Then you've got to read this post!

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Melancholia (Part 2)

More thoughts on Lars von Trier's new movie. (This time a bit spoiler-y)

Note: this is an old post that should've been posted a long time ago. I must've just forgotten to hook the "published"-box. Oh well, you're getting it now. And I have yet to see the film a second time; it's probably about time for that.

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Writing, writing

I'm writing again! But what? And when will you see it?

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On Prometheus, Ancient Aliens and Mankind's Insignificance

In which I talk about Alien and Prometheus and discuss the themes in both. WARNING: Spoilers abound! Many, many spoilers. Do NOT read if you haven't seen Alien and Prometheus.

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I won ScriptFrenzy.

A few days (nearly a week, as a matter of fact) has gone by since I won ScriptFrenzy with 102 pages written in April. It feels goood.

I'm sorry that I didn't do the blog updates as I promised - the script became a bit overwhelming, and instead of blogging about it I spent my hours getting caught up with the screenwriting.

Anyway, it was a really fun experience. Looking forward to do it next year too, then hopefully with a bit more planning.


Be on the lookout for either a new short-story or a continuation of The Lucky Ones in May or June.  I'll be finishing the latter over the course of the summer. Or, well... That's the plan, anyway.


Today is rewriting day...

And that's what I'm doing. Rewriting Bed & Breakfast.

I've hit my first road-bump AND surpassed it. It's going a bit slow (on page 35 of 112 now), but it works. I'll rewrite as much as I can today, and continue doing it tomorrow. The goal is to be done by Monday.

Wish me luck...