The Fifteen Best Episodes of TV in 2014

I cheated. There are more than fifteen episodes on this list. Please shout at me in the comments about those I left out and how wrong I was to include the ones I did. Thanks in advance, and happy watching!

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DOCTOR WHO: Season 2, Episode 1-4

New Earths, far-future and the distant past are all places visited in the first four episodes of Doctor Who's second season, though not all the trips are equally worth it.

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DOCTOR WHO: Season 2; The Christmas Invasion

Almost a full year since I first sat down and said "I am going to review all Doctor Who-episodes in four months", the journey continues! Hopefully it's going to move a bit faster now.

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Thoughts on J.J. Abrams and Doug Dorst's strange novel "S."

I've read Doug Dorst and J.J. Abrams' novel S. recently. Here are my thoughts. They are many and spoilery. If you haven't read the book, I highly recommend it.

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Kill Your Darlings. Beat 'em up.

A movie-review inspired by Kill Your Darlings.

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On House of Cards' second season, comfort food and the manipulation of an audience.

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Best of 2013 - Television

Heh, delayed post much? Whoops. Sorry about that.

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DOCTOR WHO: Season 1

Most of you will already have figured out this list by looking at the scores, but here it is, ranked, from best to worst:

1. The Unquiet Dead
2. The Doctor Dances
3. The Parting of the Ways
4. Dalek
5. Bad Wolf
6. The Empty Child
7. Boom Town
8. The End of the World
9. The Long Game
10. Rose
11. World War Three
12. Aliens of London
13. Father’s Day

CONCLUSION: It's a good season structurally, but the majority of episodes are weak or alright. The actors and special effects are hit and miss, and the stories often take the easiest solutions - when they make sense at all.

SEASON ONE: 3.5 out of 5, 7/10 and B-.


I'm not entirely sure when I'll start doing season 2, but the first post will probably come during the weekend. 


DOCTOR WHO: Season 1, Episode 11-13

The last three episodes of the first season goes dark, but that still doesn't stop them from having easy solutions to complicated problems.

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DOCTOR WHO: Season 1, Episode 7-10

The middle part of Doctor Who's first season continues to be a rocky road, with one of the series worst episodes, along with the first good two-parter.

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