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DOCTOR WHO: Season 2, Episode 1-4

New Earths, far-future and the distant past are all places visited in the first four episodes of Doctor Who's second season, though not all the trips are equally worth it.

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DOCTOR WHO: Season 2; The Christmas Invasion

Almost a full year since I first sat down and said "I am going to review all Doctor Who-episodes in four months", the journey continues! Hopefully it's going to move a bit faster now.

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DOCTOR WHO: Season 1

Most of you will already have figured out this list by looking at the scores, but here it is, ranked, from best to worst:

1. The Unquiet Dead
2. The Doctor Dances
3. The Parting of the Ways
4. Dalek
5. Bad Wolf
6. The Empty Child
7. Boom Town
8. The End of the World
9. The Long Game
10. Rose
11. World War Three
12. Aliens of London
13. Father’s Day

CONCLUSION: It's a good season structurally, but the majority of episodes are weak or alright. The actors and special effects are hit and miss, and the stories often take the easiest solutions - when they make sense at all.

SEASON ONE: 3.5 out of 5, 7/10 and B-.


I'm not entirely sure when I'll start doing season 2, but the first post will probably come during the weekend. 


DOCTOR WHO: Season 1, Episode 11-13

The last three episodes of the first season goes dark, but that still doesn't stop them from having easy solutions to complicated problems.

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DOCTOR WHO: Season 1, Episode 7-10

The middle part of Doctor Who's first season continues to be a rocky road, with one of the series worst episodes, along with the first good two-parter.

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DOCTOR WHO: Season 1, Episode 4-6

Two weak episodes and one very good is next for The Doctor, Rose and me.

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DOCTOR WHO: Season 1, Episode 1-3

My review of the series' first three episodes, as well as how I'm going to do this. Fun times are ahead!

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Oooh wii uuuuu...

After eating breakfast today, I sat down at my desk and felt the need to watch something... fun. My eyes drifted over to my DVD/Blu-Ray-collection, and I saw my Doctor Who box sets sit there, waiting patiently for me. I pulled out "The Complete Specials" (the episodes made between series four and five) and started flicking through it. And then something strange happened.

I'm a huge Doctor Who fan. I love the show, I love most of the characters, I love David Tennant and Matt Smith, and whenever a new episode pops up I make sure I'm at home, ready to watch it as soon as possible. But, looking over my box sets, I couldn't really remember any of the great episodes. I could pretty much count on one hand the ones I liked from the first four seasons - Blink is great, The Family of Blood two-parter is good, Moffat's Silence in the Library two-parter is fun... But that was pretty much it. So many of the episodes are subpar and merely alright.

I started going through the episode lists and I usually found one or two episodes each season that I really liked - the others were just fluff. Now, there are a few conclusions I could've reached based on these thoughts. One is "I don't really like Doctor Who after all", "I like the idea of Doctor Who more than the stories and scripts themselves", or "It's been too long since I've seen some of this." I reached the last one, pretty much immediately.

While I have rewatched season 5 a couple of times, and season 6 a whole bunch of times, I have never seen most Doctor Who-episodes more than once, especially of Russel T Davies' and Tennant's run. So, with 90 days to go till the show's 50th Anniversary Special and 102 episodes of Doctor Who made, I'm thinking of doing a mass rewatch and writing about every single episode.

The plan is to do one episode a day, but that's probably not going to end up working. So I'm thinking maybe a season done over two weeks, before moving on. Of course, two-parters (and three-parters) are going to be watched and reviewed mostly on the same day. Now, the plan for this project is probably going to spin out of control as soon as I begin, but whatever. I want to try, and we'll see how much time it takes before I fall through.

The plan is this; watch and review every produced episode of Doctor Who from 2005 to 2013, with the deadline of 23rd November. 90 days - 102 episodes. It's going to be a fun ride.


(The Fake and Completely Untrue) BBC's Doctor Who Publicity Stunt

EDIT: Okay, so it appears that the insane crackpot conspiracy-part of me was wrong (duuuh) and that the Doctor Who season 7 part 2 box set has leaked to ONE person. It might be on its way in the mail to others. Hopefully, they make the same decision as the one fan has done, and keeps their mouth shut while enjoying the episode themselves, the bastards (yeah, I'm a wee bit jealous).


Okay, I'll be the mad, insane, conspiracy-seeing guy in the room but... I'm sorry. This episode has not leaked.

There's one tumblr blog with shots of the box, along with a shot of the opening credits, in addition to the BBC tweeting about this. There are no companies named. There are no torrents out - and there would've been, no matter what ridiculous reasons the BBC make up to explain it away (there are reports that they're "shutting down torrents"). There are no other information.

The people claiming to have seen it? They're the usual fans, posting theories and making things up while selling into the story, lending their credibility either knowingly or unknowingly.

In addition, there's very, very rarely post on Sundays. Plus, the Tumblr-site (located here) reporting it appears to be the only one (which I suppose might be possible, but still highly unlikely) who's got it, and the only images coming from it. If this was a real leak, the internet would've been flooded with torrents and gifs. Even tumblr only has three or four posts claiming to have seen the episode, and they're saying things that don't necessarily have to be spoilers - they could easily just be theories.

And there's more; the Tumblr post went up about ten hours ago. BBC first posted about this maximum three hours ago, with Moffat saying that if the fans kept mum they'd release a clip of Matt & David. Now, do you seriously believe that for those eight hours, no torrents, no gifs, no clear, definite spoilers - not to mention a synopsis of the entire episode - would've leaked? I'm sorry but I'm not buying it. There are two solutions; either this is a complete hoax and a publicity stunt or there's one single person out there who has gotten his/her mail on Sunday and recieved the box by a mistake. If the latter is true, we'll probably see gifs, spoilers and synopsises, along with torrents, when postal services are up and about again on Monday. If it's a publicity stunt, which I'm fairly sure it is... Well. 

That is one cruel stunt.

I don't have access to the Gallifrey Base (yet) so I can't check there, but there is no way in hell the BBC would've let a leak like this happen, and the fact that they've actually pulled something like this is... insensitive and cruel. They're going to make the fans tip-toe around the internet, ignore every rumor and post about Doctor Who so that they know as little as possible about the finale, then release the promised Matt & David clip when all the supposed good little fans have been nice and not spoiled anything.

I don't know whether to shake my head in disgust or give them some slow applause.


A Doctor Who-rant...

...on the big mysteries, as well as some theories. Huge, massive spoilers ahead if you're not up-to-date with the show!

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