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Wow. It sure has been a long time since I did this. Anyway; today (10th of March) is, according to Facebook, International Day of Awesomeness. So I figured I'd be a little awesome, just to mark the occasion.

Since I was about ten or elven years old, I've been fascinated by Television. The first real shows I watched were Buffy, The 4400, The X-Files, Prison Break and Lost. Since then, I have watched a lot of brilliant television (Breaking Bad, Fringe, Twin Peaks and Arrested Development spring to mind, all favorite shows of mine) and I've had many an idea for my own television series.

Sadly, I am only 16 years old, and the ideas for my television series are a little hard to do on zero budget, with the help of friends, family and others who might be interested. It would perhaps be interesting to make, sure, but I don't think that anyone beside the ones who'd been in on it would be able to enjoy much of it. The fact also remains that it's unbeliviably hard to ponder at the ending of a show, and even harder to actually write it, so the fact that I, along with my friends, family and others, had given up before any of the real questions were answered, something that I would hate to do.

Which brings us to the present. Recently, many a webseries written, starred and directed on close to a zero-budget, with money gathered on sites like Kickstarter, in addition to recieving funding from various other places, have been praised by people roaming the internet, bought by major television studios and been able to create things on bigger budgets, albeit not with the total control like the webseries.

Don't get me wrong now - I do not plan to make something so brilliant that a major television studio HAS to pick it up. I mean that many recent webseries (Sanctuary and Riese are two examples, both bought by SyFy) has made a huge splash, and that this trend is majorly on the rise. This has led me to believe that if you create something good, maybe even great, then people will come see it, no matter if it exist on your television screen, in the cinemas or on the internet. It doesn't even matter if the special effects are cheap, the acting a little stiff and the writing a little cheesy - if people think it's a good idea, or a great plot, or merely just interesting enough, they WILL seek it out, and they WILL want to see it.

So that's what I'm planning to do now. To make a webseries. The hard part of this is, I will not change any of the story just so it can be done cheaper. I will try to raise the money for it, and if I can't, then I won't make it. Of course I'm not going to write in dragons and ghosts, spaceships and scenes on the moon and then complain that since no one's giving me money, nothing will happen with it. The webseries I'm planning will most likely be quite short, very earth-bound, although it has rather mythic proportions, and it will be more about characters and dialouge rather than awesome fight scenes and trips to alternate realities.

I think now's a good time to stop rambling. I've written the first draft of the Pilot script, and the webseries is currently titled "Ripples Across Time & Space". While this is a title that I may use, and that actually fit the show, I would be glad if you considered it a mere working title, which is all it really is at the moment. The webseries may very well end up with that title, but if I come up with a better one, I'll use that instead.

Also, keep in mind that this is only a first draft - many a thing may change till you see the final product, which hopefully will be a little longer than the first draft.

Read the first draft of "Ripples Across Time & Space"'s pilot here.


And that's all I have to say today. Hopefully, you'll see me in a short while, as I'm spending April participating in ScriptFrenzy, and I'm planning on using this site as some sort of a diary, updating (at least) weekly about my progress, my problems and my plans. I may even let you read some script-pages too. (More information about what kind of screenplay I'm writing for ScriptFrenzy will come toward the end of March.)

Till next time, have wonderful experiences and beautiful times.

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