Kill Your Darlings. Beat 'em up.
Monday, March 17, 2014 at 9:02PM

The ideal version of this review comes if you put it together with the one at this link. I lost some of the formatting both here and there, sadly. Damn HTML wouldn't comply. Anyway, enjoy. I like to call this one...

Beat 'em up. 

Actors directors writers poets, rules and chaos, war and peace, rebellions and youth. Radcliffe, bursting out of his persona, DeHaan commanding, Michael C. Hall threatening, pathetic, slaying. So many beatings, breakings, the ocean rolling over, changes, stirrings, emotions.

Beat. Beat. Beat on and on, and on. And on. 
Terrible, horrible, vile, sweet, sore, pained, manipulative. The first thought is the best. Arrested development.
Typing furiously, drinks, friends, laughs, loves. Breaking, escaping, rushing, lives ahead of them, time, time and again. Circles and regrets. Better living through words. Hearts beating. What do you do if you can't find the words?
Writing, writing, hope and mentors, "Walt jr.,
keep at it",
on and on, boats against the current, pretentious, pretentious, too much, hold back, back, keep going?
Deceit. No. That's not the word. What's the word?
                                              isn't                                 lucky
                         vision                                                    how?
Something. Not right. A feeling.
There's something at the
tip of my tongue, a wo
rd, can't remember
, when someone throws something in your face, something you liked, someone you liked, som
Six. Smile.
ething you do to express how you feel, some
"Knew it."
"I read."
Not a deceit. Bugging me. Can't seem to place it.
                                                       Drinks. type. Blonde.
Beat. Beat.
Racking my brain, racking my brain. Should give up. Won't. Have to.
Doesn't even have to be a big one. It's there.
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